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Missing Space Problem

Missing Space Problem

Given a string (all space removed from this) and a dictionary, design an algorithm to add space in ths string in a way that minimizes the number of unrecognized characters.
  1. Call recursive method with original_string, start_index = 0 and empty memo (as cache)
    1. if start_index >= original_string.length then
      1. return bestInvalidChar = 0 and bestParsing = “”
    2. else if memo contain index then return from memo
    3. Set partial = “”, bestInvalidChar = INFINITY and bestParsing = null
    4. Iterate from start_index to end of string
      1. Add current index character of original_string to partial
      2. Check partial_string is in dictionary or not
      3. update invalid_char based on availability of partial in dictionary
      4. if invalid_char is less than bestInvalidChar then explore recursively all next substring
        1. Update bestInvalidChar and bestParsing based on recursive call
    5. Update memo (i.e. cache)
    6. Return result

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